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Tom Lucas

Tom is a veteran of the United States Army/Navy. During his military time, he completed a AA, BS and Graduate Certificate in Program Management. After retiring from the Navy in 2014, he worked several jobs.  He worked as an Aeronautics Shipboard Inspection Representative (ASIR) where he traveled the world fixing, certifying and inspecting Naval Ships. He used his degree and became a Contracting Officer for the Navy, Coast Guard, DLA and Department of Transportation. He retired in 2024 after finding his calling to help out other veterans in various program.


Tom has been married to his wife of 22 years and has three children.  When he retired, he was lost and another veteran took him hunting and fishing and changed his life.  Tom says, “Hunting and fishing saved my life.”  Since then, Tom started giving back and has mentored multiple veterans by taking them hunting and fishing.

If he is not with his family in the great outdoors, he is with his brother and sister (veterans) in the great outdoors. Tom says, “God put us here for a reason and that is to help and assist each other. He has found his calling.

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