Adaptive Sports & Recreation

We provide life-changing opportunities to Veterans with disabilities through our internal programs and a series of service partnerships. VAU presents our Veterans with athletic and recreational challenges to empower them to achieve athletic goals beyond their disabilities. Due to COVID we are now accepting applications for financial support to help veterans with sporting equipment (archery bows, air rifles, etc.) and helping towards physical rehab costs as well as gym memberships.


Veterans can participate in: Adaptive Skiing, Exercise Programs/Massage Therapy, Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Weapons Marksmanship, Athletic Camps/Retreats, Golfing, Scuba Diving, Surfing & Body Boarding, Hunting, Skydiving, Fishing, and Rock Climbing.





Adaptive Sports

VAU sponsors disabled Veterans to compete in sporting events such as the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic, the Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, Warrior Games and trials and the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Funding support for travel and lodging can be the decisive point in encouraging a disabled Veteran to participate in a new athletic experience that puts him or her on a path to better recovery.

Are you a disabled Veteran interested in participating in a sporting event? Please complete a Sports/Recreation application.

VAU Recreation Programs

SKYDIVING: We hold tandem skydive opportunities for all disabilities in the spring and fall in Petersburg, Virginia Beach, and Orange, VA. Must be under 250 lbs.

FISHING: Guaranteed citation catfishing out of Charles City, Virginia and other fishing/kayaking opportunities throughout the year. Open to all disabilities. 


If you're interested in signing up for one of these events CLICK HERE to fill out our Sports & Recreation application.


VAU offers adaptive sporting equipment at our retreats that can be used on site or loaned to Veterans:

  • Freedom 6x6 outdoor chair

  • Power Beach chair

  • All terrain TrackFab chair

  • Action track chair stander

  • Adapted kayak

  • Adapted hunting/fishing gear

VAU Partners

    Operation First Response

Wounded Vet Retreat Program

Colonial Shooting Academy

Veterans Affairs Rec Therapy

SOCOM Care Coalition-9line

Quality of Life Foundation

Camp Valor Outdoors

Black Dagger Hunt Club

Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center

All Veteran Group Parachute Team

NWTF Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen

Sailing 4 All

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports

Team Red White and Blue

Stand Up and Play

Higher Ground Sun Valley ​

​Samaritans Walk

Mongrel Fitness & BJJ

Hunter McGuire Polytrauma, SCI, and CLC Dept's    

VAU supported Green Beret Josh L. coping with combat TBI/PTSD who won the team shoot at the ASA 3D archery tournament in Fort Benning. See in his own words how this support continues to have a major impact on his life...

"On my fifth deployment I got the business end of an IED or roadside bomb. At the time I was unaware of how profoundly I would be affected by what had happened. I suffered a brain injury, an invisible injury.  Being in a blast that size is pretty crazy, and a bit scary.  I have found myself in and out of doctors appointments, literally hundreds of doctors appointments and a very very changed man.  Archery has been so many things for me. But more than anything it has been a metric for my recovery. The most amazing thing it has done for me is show my kids that just because I am hurt... I am not worthless.  I have a reason to get out of bed and something to do while I slowly, get better.  I am deeply thankful for VAU supporting my passion and recovery through this program"