Accessible Retreats

VAU offers accessible wellness retreats throughout the Mid-Atlantic region—from the beach to the mountains—bringing together vets, their families and caregivers for a much needed respite from their day-to-day challenges and struggles.

  • Carolina Beachfront Retreat, NC-  Third Week of June Every Year 

  • Boone Cabin Retreat, NC- Last weekend in October Thursday-Sunday

  • Lake House Retreat, Richmond VA- Applications open year round.

VAU HQ Lake House Retreat

The retreat is located in South Richmond, Virginia on a serene lake 15min from the VA. Monthly BBQ, fishing and massage therapy events are held for any veterans interested. They are open to Hunter McGuire VA inpatient/outpatient veterans who wish to receive a healing day away from the VA and valuable resources/advocacy.


We provide an environment where disabled veterans can learn from their brothers in arms going through similar situations and making the best of it.

RSVP if interested in attending or a case manager planning an event.

BBQ/Fishing/Retreat Dates 2019 (4PM-8PM)

27 March

24 April

22 May

*05 June Fireside Chat

26 June

*12 June Fireside Chat

24 July

*14 August Fireside Chat

28 August

*11 September Fireside Chat

25 September 

23 October 

4 December

Beach Retreat 2017

Beach Retreat 2017

Cabin Retreat 2017

Beach Retreat 2018

Brandon and Jessica P. 1 of 9 Special Forces veteran/family attendees at our annual Carolina Beach Retreat. Brandon has a horrible disease Huntington's, and with Jessica's support, they are an incredible team making the best of life..

"Thank you all, SO much, for everything. We were so lucky to meet so many great people during VAU beach week, 2017! Because of the generosity of VAU, we were able to completely decompress and truly relax. We unplugged from the stresses of actual life. We were able to reset our hearts and souls. We engaged people who have gone through similar, daunting, life-altering, events, and push through the negatives and move towards a positive direction." -Testimonial Brandon P.