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Josh lindsey

Co-Founder Josh Lindsey USA (ret). Served 2002-2009. 

By the age of 28 Josh retired from the US Army and had already accomplished a great deal in his Young Life. Growing up as a young child in the Alabama foster care system and residing in 36 different foster homes and the boys home during his childhood Josh encountered many challenges. At the age of 16 Josh quit high school, took the GED attended College in the evening and was employed as a sod stacker on the back of the tractor. He worked 12-hour days to pay for college tuition and books. Josh emancipated himself as a ward of the state of Alabama in order to join the military and then entered the Army infantry at age 17 for a lifelong career of military service.

In February 2005, Josh's entire life plan changed forever as he was combat wounded in Iraq, suffering a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia, as well as several internal injuries after enduring 2 explosions and being shot twice in the side. Paralyzed, bleeding, internal organs exposed, Josh drug and pulled himself back onto the armored personnel carrier and returned fire. Josh was awarded two purple hearts decorated for his bravery while serving in the army. He has also been given an award by the Archdiocese of the Army for performing Field Mass in a combat zone.

Josh was married and tragically widowed at the age of 20. After his injury and becoming a widower, Josh had to decide what to do with the rest of his life. As a board member/founder of VAU and veteran service officer, he has become an advocate and assist veterans from WW2, Vietnam, Korea and the War on Terror, who needed it most to obtain their medical and health benefits. He offers support and encouragement to other service members who are paralyzed and gives them knowledge they need to become more independent and to not view their wheelchair as a limitation.

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