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VAU is a 501c3 non-profit organization EIN 46-1844248. Our board and staff are all unpaid volunteers. VAU runs on overhead costs less than 5%, which is covered by our board, so 100% of your donation goes to our programs and those we serve.

Your tax-deductible donation makes a statement to the community and nation that we support our veterans and their families.

2536 Falkirk Drive

Richmond, Virginia 23236


Thanks To VAU! Being a part of this community makes me feel like a HUGE FAMILY!


Meet one of America's Finest. Archie P. is a Marine who served in Quan Tran and Khe Sanh during some rough years in Vietnam. He survived all that and caught one of life's "curve balls" with a recent accident leaving him paralyzed. He still maintains that Marines focus to get better and focus on the positives.
We had the privilege of hosting Archie and his sweet wife/caregiver for a relaxing day away from the hospital and provided valuable resources.

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