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Brian Marley

Brian Marley is an Army Veteran and VAU's VetNet Program Director. Brian joined the Army as a Field Artillery Surveyor deploying with the 82nd Airborne Division in support of Hurricane Katrina Relief and Operation Iraqi Freedom '06-'07. After his initial active duty enlistment Brian joined the Army National Guard as an Infantryman serving for another 6 years. During this time he struggled with where he belonged outside of the military. He would eventually find his way to health & wellness. Now, he helps veterans and civilians move and feel better at Richmond’s top fitness center, ACAC Midlothian. Brian also specializes in getting recently transitioned service members “off the couch” and “back in action” serving their purpose in life. He was born and raised in Bay City, Texas and currently resides in Richmond, Va. With his wife, Valerie, and their rambunctious Pitbull, Kaos.

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