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We provide incredible opportunities to veterans with disabilities through our internal programs and a series of service partnerships. VAU presents those we serve with athletic and recreational challenges to empower them to achieve athletic goals beyond their disabilities.


We support veterans to participate in Adaptive Skiing, Exercise Programs/Physical Therapy, Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving, Surfing & Body Boarding, Hunting, Skydiving, and Fishing.

We provide grants towards supporting veterans with sporting equipment such as recumbent bikes, archery bows, air rifles, etc. Grants can also support physical rehab costs as well as gym memberships.

Priority goes to Purple Heart recipients and those with a VA disability rating of 100%. We are open to all veteran applicants if we have the means to support. 

Are you a disabled Veteran interested in participating in a sporting event? 

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adaptive sports
clinics and events

VAU sponsors disabled Veterans to compete in sporting events 

• National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic

• National Veterans Wheelchair Games

• Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

• National Veterans Golden Age Games

• Warrior Games and Trials 


• Paralympic Games and Training


We provide support towards travel and lodging for these events, which can be the decisive point to encourage veterans with disabilities to participate in a new athletic experience that puts him or her on a path to recovery.


VAU Recreation


We hold tandem skydive opportunities for all disabilities in the spring and fall in Petersburg, Virginia Beach, and Orange, VA. Must be under 250 lbs.



We hold events in Virginia throughout the year open to all disabilities. To include citation catfishing out of Charles City, white water rafting and kayaking in Richmond.



We hold numerous hunting events throughout the year in Virginia for large and small game hunting. 


 Sign up through our sports application to receive updates and be put on the list for any of these recreational programs

VAU offers all terrain wheelchairs and adaptive sporting equipment at our retreats. These items can be used on site or loaned to Veterans anytime:

Freedom 6x6 Outdoor Chair

Power Beach Chair

All terrain TrackFab Chair

Action track Chair Stander

Adapted Kayak

Adapted Hunting/Fishing Gear



"On my fifth deployment I got the business end of an IED or roadside bomb. I suffered a brain injury, an invisible injury.  I am deeply thankful for VAU supporting my passion in archery and recovery through this program. It has been so many things for me, but more than anything it has been a metric for my recovery."


-Josh L.

VAU supported Green Beret Josh L. to attend an archery tournament were he who won the team shoot event. See in his own words how our support continues to have a major impact on his life...

" Its because of support from VAU and others that has motivated and inspired me to keep trying!! THANKS I hope that this experience allows me to pay it back one day so others can change their lives like I have."

-Fred. F


Fred F. is a Green Beret medic with multiple deployments and many combat injuries that he powers through to achieve his goals. We were honored to help him pursue his passion of participating in numerous extreme races and sporting events.

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